Soori thanks the health workers

As health workers across the country work on a war footing to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 , the public has spent their time indoors. Actor and comedian Soori Also, who spent his time at home and shared how he keeps himself busy, recently shared a post thanking the health workers.

In the video, Soori is seen giving a bath to his son, who is in turn, pouring water over him. An exasperated Soori then says, “Look at him, he is not staying at one place. Thanks to Corona, I am struggling to give bath to my son. ”

Then start cleaning the bathroom. It is very difficult to clean this. Imagine those people going to the drains to clean them, how difficult it would be for them. They are the ones who are pure in their hearts. He added: Someone is also calling the Chinese prime minister and asking him to stop eating exotic animals like bats so that we don't have to deal with crises like the crown.