TOI is back in Mumbai and Pune

His favorite newspaper, The Indian Times, returned to Mumbai and Pune after a short break caused by logistical difficulties in delivering the newspaper in the first week of closing.

as an essential service, and various central government orders have been issued in the past two weeks to back this up, exempting news gathering and distribution personnel from the blockade and calling on states to facilitate their movement. Hours before the announcement of the shutdown, the Prime Minister also spoke of the tremendous credibility of and how they were important in countering the spread of false and fake news.

But while many housing societies have instituted admirable systems and processes to facilitate newspaper distribution among their members, some have not yet done so. They may not realize it, but they deny its residents, citizens of India, their right to information, which is vital to the functioning of any democracy. Yes, we understand that they are concerned about safety, but the world's most respected health organizations and epidemiologists have said that there is no medical basis for such fears.

If you are not receiving your copy of your newspaper, please click this link and fill in your details, and we will do our best to guarantee your copy as soon as possible. If, for any unfounded reason, your housing company is obstructing delivery, you must insist on your right to information. Feel free to share your society's contact details so that we can speak to them directly and address any concerns they may have. We greatly value your patronage and ask for your patience as we seek to restore normalcy in these difficult times.