Gujarat: dog drags baby from Godhra hospital

VADODARA: In a macabre incident that took place early Wednesday morning, a stray dog ​​ran away with a baby, one of the twins born to the Godhra woman on Tuesday night.

The incident took place around 3.16 a.m. on Wednesday after Godhra Taluka's Tara Baria of the Panchmahal district released the twins, a boy and a girl, on Tuesday night. The boy was the first to give birth and the babies and his mother were kept in the delivery room on the first floor of the hospital. Early in the morning, the mother noticed that the newborn baby was missing and asked Ramila to find out. Ramila asked hospital staff but was told that the baby had not been taken.

Ramila told the media that she had fallen asleep when the incident occurred. However, the baby could not be located until late at night amid fear that he had already been killed.

CCTV footage from the hospital showed the stray dog ​​carrying the baby with its jaws from the first floor of the hospital, while everyone claims that no one saw him enter or leave the hospital with the boy in his jaws.

Ramila claims the dogs ate her grandson, even when hospital officials claim the baby is officially missing.

The hospital's civil surgeon Dr. M G Sagar said he was informed of the incident only when he arrived at the hospital in the morning around 10 a.m. There is gross negligence on the part of staff present at the hospital, he said, adding that the boy was not found despite prolonged efforts.

Sagar said notices had been issued to the on-duty medical officer, sister on duty, midwife and security guard had been issued notices. We will take more action based on the responses. If necessary, a crime related to the incident will also be recorded, ”he said.