Here's how to avoid embarrassment while video conferencing.

As the world enters lockdown mode, more and more business is done online, especially through video conference . While the option is definitely convenient, it can also end up being a source of great shame. In the past month, some have had co-workers judging them for their messy abode, others have ended up offending superiors by insulting or belching them, while thinking they were dumb.

To save you from similar embarrassments, here is a practical guide to navigating the complicated world of video - conference :


One of the worst parts of video conference is that it gives your colleagues an idea of ​​how you live, so perhaps it is not the best idea to do business on your sofa, surrounded by piles of dirty clothes. You don't want them to gossip about that NSF W painting on your shoulder in a week, do you? NAyush Jaiswal, co-founder and joint CEO, Pesto Tech, a homegrown edutech startup, says it's better to set up a home workspace.

If you have a spacious room in your home or in any corner where you can avoid noise, choose that workspace. This workplace must also be extremely clean, as a reflection of its headroom, he says. He also suggests arranging that space with plants.

At least Shital Kakkar Mehra, an expert in business communication and etiquette, says: Identify a neutral or white colored wall and make sure your background looks professional, while Ayush suggests that you double-check that your wall art and decorations are appropriate work. Untitled W THEN, PETS, CHILDREN AND WIFE SHOCK MEETINGS!


Do you remember the BBC dad? In 2017, American political analyst Robert Kelly gained world fame when he gave an interview from home, only to be crashed by his toddler son and baby. Its viral video he was overtaken by another woman this month, after her husband entered her video get together wearing only your underwear!

To avoid such incidents, Shital says: Inform your family member beforehand and keep him mentally prepared. Personally, I think we will work from home a long time, due to the current situation, but that does not mean that one compromises his professional presence. You also have to invest in noise-canceling headphones to drown out the noise of bells, pressure cookers, and crying babies.

In defense of all pets, toddlers and spouses, Ayush says, W hen you're working from home, it's not just about you anymore. Most of us live with our families, and they're not entering your space, you're entering theirs. You need to bring them on board with the idea of ​​working from home. It'll take some time for them to adjust. It's also important to ensure that everyone is on the same page and feels like their opinion is valued. Untitled 2 PANTS OR NOT PANTS?


W hen it comes video calls, many of us follow Donald Duck's lead i.e. crisp formal shirts with aforementioned three-day old pyjamas or even boxers. However, there are many a horror stories of people leaving their desks to retrieve files and leaving colleagues with images they can never unsee.

According to Ayush, W hen you're video conference for the first time, dressing up helps you differentiate between work and life. Dress how you would for an in-person meeting, and make sure to follow workplace’s dress code. W earing a bright white or black shirt may cause your camera to auto-adjust the brightness and make it hard to see your face, so wear a less extreme color. It also doesn’t hurt to have good posture either.

For Shital, pajamas and evening dresses are a big no. Also, one should brush their hair and look professional, because at the end of the day, they are still interacting with clients, coworkers, and bosses, and managing the images. and the voice is of utmost importance.


Experts suggest researching and practicing the technology you're dealing with. This includes the mute button.

I attended a Zoom meeting of doctors who, as a subculture, are not accustomed to technology (we are the answer-all crowd), nor do they understand the MUTE function. A guy in the middle of the meeting says: This guy is an idiot. And that ended the meeting, Twitter user @Toaster_Pastry recently wrote, stressing the importance of mastering the art of silence.

Don't do in a virtual meeting what you wouldn't do face-to-face, advises Shital. You wouldn't curse your boss the moment they turned around in a boardroom, would you? The way you dress and communicate has to stay the same in video ."

Meanwhile, an American woman recently ended up going to the bathroom in full view of all her colleagues, after she forgot to turn off the camera during a video conference . the video it went viral, even when #PoorJennifer was trending on Twitter. And that's why it's important to know and double-check your camera at all times.


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In 2017, US political analyst Robert Kelly’s video interview was gate-crashed by his toddler and baby.

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This month, a video of woman’s husband walking into her meeting wearing just his underwear went viral.

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A US woman recently ended up going to the toilet in full view of all her colleagues, after she forgot to switch off the camera during a video conference . The video went viral, even as #PoorJennifer trended on Twitter.