#StayAwareStaySafe: I salute the true heroes on the front line, says Koel Mallick

The world is going through difficult times. It is no longer about you or me; now it's about us. This global pandemic has taught us a great lesson. It reminds us of how insignificant we are compared to nature. This crisis has brought us face to face with some unforeseen difficulties. We have to fight together by staying home and breaking the chain. There is only one way to survive this crisis: stay positive and be in good physical shape. We all create moments of happiness, so that positivity dominates our negative thoughts. We should all greet those who risk their lives every day to help others: nurses, doctors, social workers, etc. Prestige! I sincerely want to thank those beautiful souls who are doing everything possible to help the lost. There are so many true heroes trying to help the elderly living alone in this city. I have a sincere respect for those on the front line.

We all want to witness a clear sky and live in a place free of contamination. atmosphere . But at the same time, we also have to earn a living. I guess balance was missing somewhere. Hopefully this crisis will teach us the importance of achieving balance. It will also prompt us to introspect and value certain things in life.

By the grace of God, I am keeping well at home and also the little one within me. My family, including my husband (Nispal Singh), is taking good care of us. The only problem is that I can't meet my parents, so I call them from time to time. I don't read or watch television much. The difficult situation of people suffering from coronavirus makes me sad. So, I've been reading old magazines and watching old movies. I enjoy watching romcoms. It helps me relax. Yesterday I saw three movies: Pretty Woman , Notting Hill & We meet . Besides, I am eating healthy & trying to sleep well. The only form of exercise, however, is strolling on the balcony.

We can’t change the situation, right? So, there’s no point brooding over it. We must have patience & let things take its own course. I am sure we will sail through this & emerge as better human beings. There is always a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Aamra korbo joy... nischoi!

- As it was said to [email protected]