Kardashian Dermatologist Shares Skincare Tips During Self-Quarantine

Dr Simon Ourian , the reference cosmetic dermatologist for everything Kardashian Family and shared tips for home skin care that people can follow while practicing social distancing.

Ourian reportedly closed her Epione practice in Beverly Hills and stopped visiting the home due to the virus, however the doctor recommended four products for everyone including a good cleanser, lots of moisturizing hydration, an eye cream or serum and a smooth fruit. acid peel once a month.

Doing gentle skin routines not only has an aesthetic affect for your skin but also is meditative and a good distraction for this time, Dr Simon said.

He also emphasized that maintaining a healthy dose of meditation, relaxation, and positive vibes during stressful and anxious days is paramount to health from the inside out.

Dr. Ourian warned against obsessive scrubbing, especially with abrasive products. Be very gentle with your skin.

A humidifier is another essential tool, not only for your lungs, but also for your complexion. "Most air conditioners & heaters are very drying. Therefore it is essential that you have a humidifier next to your bed & also in the rest of the house during this time," Dr. Ourian added.

By further insisting on the importance of home training, he explained that any type of cardiovascular exercise brings a greater amount of oxygenated blood to your skin. Your skin needs this extra oxygen and nutrition to develop and re-produce collagen & elastin , que es la clave para una piel más equilibrada & de aspecto saludable .