Merc to establish 1,500-bed hospital in Pune

Chennai: Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz India said on Wednesday that it has partnered with local authorities in Pune to establish a temporary hospital that has medical facilities with isolation rooms for Covid-19 patients in the region.

The facility, which will be ready in the next 10 days, is located in the housing area of ​​the Maharashtra Area and Housing Development Authority (MHADA), which was recently built with 374 rooms, the company said, adding that it may be expanded Installation of 1,500 beds in a matter of days, if necessary ”.

After Covid-19, the company said, the medical equipment will be donated to the Khed Civil Hospital, and the assets of the isolation rooms will be donated to tribal youth hostels. Mercedes-Benz India will assist Zilla Parishad with all the necessary infrastructure, including the medical equipment necessary to create a temporary OPD, infrastructure for stay, stretchers, wheelchairs, personal protective equipment kits, disinfectants, etc. They are essential for the proper functioning of the hospital and isolation room, the company added. The Infosys Foundation and Narayana Health have announced the launch of a 100-room quarantine center for Covid-19 patients, near the town of Narayana Health in Bangalore. The facility, designed to serve patients belonging to the economically weakest sectors of society, will accommodate patients, offer regular monitoring by doctors, nurses and provide essential medications, at no cost.

The Ramco group has established isolation centers in Kandukur and Thamaraikulam, 200 kilometers from Madurai in rural Tamil Nadu and Haridaspur in Odisha.

The process of acquiring medical equipment for various state agencies is underway, Ramco said in a statement.