#LifeInTheLockdown: I never thought I'd be picking up dog poop: Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker, who has been isolated in her Mumbai home for more than 10 days, talks about being away from her family, having only her four pets for company and life under lockdown:

I have been in self isolation since March 20. Strangely, I ended up having a five month old rescue pup literally two days before closing. His name is Godot. I go for a walk with him and that has become part of my confinement routine. I never thought I would be picking up dog poop or would ever be in close contact with sh ** dog. But now, every day when I take my dog ​​for a walk, I have a scooper to pick up his poo as a responsible pet owner.



I've seen 'Amar Akbar Anthony', 'Notting Hill' and 'You’ve Got Mail', all movies that make me feel good to lift my spirits. I've been rereading (for the umpteenth time) Enid Blyton's 'The Faraway Tree' series.

My big conclusion of this blockage is gratitude. I have learned to be grateful every day for everything I have. I have learned to count my blessings, to appreciate my blessings. I have learned to be grateful for everything I have and to be kind and empathetic to those who do not have it.

The most disturbing news that I read during this pandemic is how thousands of migrant workers return to their villages. What is heartbreaking is that some of those who have made it to their villages are not accepted because people are afraid that they may carry the virus. So, apart from the health consequences of coronavirus , the social consequences are also heartbreaking. It is such a stark contrast, the divide between rich and poor in India is so evident and the poor are so terribly vulnerable.

I found a network of people working in the field to provide food for migrant workers and made some private donations. That is the most I have been able to do at the moment. Our greatest responsibility is to be better and responsible citizens, stay home, and allow the government, doctors, and health infrastructure to do their jobs and contain this pandemic.

The only advice that I want to give people is STAY HOME. I have also noticed people using this time to troll others. I just want to say that the whole world is facing perhaps the darkest moments of our time. Let’s forget our political differences and petty fights, and let’s rise above that and unite. If there is one thing that the coronavirus has shown us is that illness and a virus like this does not care about religion, caste, creed, political opinion, gender, rich and poor. Let's remember our humanity and rise above petty differences. Let us join and get over this virus and hopefully see each other on the other side of this lockdown.

- As told to Riya Sharma