Covid-19 blocking effect: Bihar ministers read books, feed cows, and watch Ramayan series

PATNA: The national blockade has completely changed the daily routine of most of the ministers in Bihar.

Since all offices and the secretariat are closed and no socio-political events have been organized since March 25 due to the national closure, the cabinet ministers, who generally remained busy throughout the day, met after meeting with officers or attending Sociopolitical programs as distinguished chief guests, today, are bound to remain confined within the four walls of their official bungalows.

While some of the ministers are spending their time making frequent calls to people in constituencies and reading books, some are using this long break from the office by providing necessary guidance to people from the state abroad.

While CM Nitish Kumar, deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi The Minister of Health and a few others are busy these days holding frequent meetings with officials to verify the spread of the coronavirus infection and arranging for migrant workers to return home; Some ministers who are not directly related to mainstream departments are enjoying this break by staying with family members.

“I take advantage of this long break from the office by keeping in touch with public and party workers through phone calls and reading books about prominent political figures. Since my mobile phone number has been in the public domain for the past few years, many people in Bihar who are currently out of state make calls on my phone for help. I receive their calls and give them the proper guidance and try to help them. These days, I receive an average of 70 to 80 calls per day from Bihari people living out of state, the Department of Highway Construction (RCD) minister Nand Kishore Yadav told TOI on Wednesday.

“In addition, I make another 70 to 80 calls a day to keep in touch with people from my Patna Sahib constituency and with BJP workers. As the Cabinet Minister in charge of Patna and Vaishali, I continue to receive general comments from officials in the two districts via telephone. When I don't get phone calls, I read books about prominent personalities. Recently, I finished books on PM Narendra Modi and former Bihar CM Karpoori. I am currently reading a book on the JP movement that I actively participated in, ”said the RCD minister.

Like the RCD minister, the industries minister is also using his time to keep in touch with people in his Phulwari constituency by phone and reading books. Recently, I finished Sanskriti Ke Chaar Adhyay by and Bari Sonch Ka Bara Jadoo by a foreign author. Right now, I am reading Mahatma Gandhi's Gram Swarajya, Rajak told TOI on Wednesday.

But the minister of agriculture, livestock and fisheries resources, Prem Kumar, is not in the rest. “I am working from home, from my residential office. As the state faces the threat of bird flu and swine flu and several districts face a forage crisis due to the ongoing blockade, jobs in my two departments have increased multiple times, Prem told TOI.

The agriculture minister said he continually received comments from his district-level officials by phone. Two days ago, I made a video conference with some district officials from my residential office via Skype, he said, adding: In the morning, I spent an hour walking and exercising on campus. I also feed the four cows in my residence and watch the Ramayan series on television at night, Prem said.

The minister of information and public relations spends his entire days, from 10 a.m. at 9 p.m., listening to public complaints on the phone. “People know that I personally receive calls on my mobile phone. A large number of people who are stranded out of state make calls on my phone. I personally listen to their problems, take the necessary steps and call them to inform them of possible exits, Neeraj told TOI on Wednesday.

“Now the number of calls of this type is decreasing day by day, since many people have returned to their homes. But one day after the blockade was announced, I received more than 500 calls in one day on my phones, ”said Neeraj.