Coronavirus: 378 Linked to Tablighi Meet Positive Test, Increase in Number

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, the Union Health Ministry blamed travelers who attended a gathering in a Delhi mosque for the sudden surge in Covid-19 in the country.

Lav Agarwal, joint secretary of the ministry, said 134 cases of coronavirus were related to (TJ), the Islamic group that organized the meeting in mid-March. There have been 386 new cases of Covid-19 since Tuesday, one of the main reasons being that Tablighi Jamaat members travel, he said. Up to 1,800 people related to the group have been sent to hospitals and quarantine centers, he added. This was around 4pm.

In the late afternoon, when data began pouring in from all the states where TJ workers were located, the magnitude of the group's role in spreading the disease appeared to be even more serious.

It showed 348 (18%) of the total of 1,976 Covid-19 cases identified throughout the country that were linked to TJ. The number is likely to increase further as test results from nearly 8,000 TJ supporters and people who contacted them after the meeting at the Nizamuddin mosque are still awaited. In addition, government data shows that 16 people connected to the TJ meeting, three foreigners and 13 Indians, have died in different states. Some of them have been confirmed as positive for Covid-19 while awaiting reports from others.

A Malaysian citizen who had attended the meeting died on Wednesday at the Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi (RGSSH). Hospital authorities claimed that he had tested negative for Covid-19. Another TJ member, a 64-year-old man from Tamil Nadu, died at Lok Nayak Hospital three days ago. It has been found positive for Covid-19, sources said.

There were chaotic scenes at RGSSH on Tuesday where more than 100 of TJ's members are quarantined when one of them tried to jump out of the building. Some patients also became aggressive, the doctors said.

A patient at RGSSH attempted to jump to his death on Tuesday. He was saved by the doctors. I had a few words with the home secretary. We are making arrangements for the police to provide security for doctors and patients, CM said. Arvind Kejriwal said. He also condemned Jamaat for organizing such a large gathering when the country was preparing to fight the global pandemic.

In Delhi, 2,346 TJ members and their contacts have been quarantined: 536 symptomatic have been admitted to hospitals and 1,810 have been transferred to quarantine centers. From this, the latest report has confirmed that 53 have been positive for Covid-19, which is 35% of the total Covid-19 cases identified in the state so far.

Tamil Nadu has witnessed an explosion of cases. Their numbers have touched 234, with 190 who attended the TJ conference testing positive. Only Wednesday, 110 of the TJ group tested positive. On Tuesday, the state government had issued appeals, calling the 300 pilgrims who had remained untraceable. At least 1,500 participated in the three-day conference on March 21.

The 190 who tested positive include foreign missionaries who passed through TJ headquarters, TN health secretary Beela Rajesh said. Many people came to the health center as soon as we filed an appeal on Tuesday. So far, 1,103 of 1,131 people have come for the test. They are in hospital isolation rooms (across the state) and are being examined, he said.

Andhra Pradesh has registered 111 cases of Covid-19, of which 70 people are delegates of TJ or his contacts. While 358 people who had returned from foreign countries and their contacts were examined as of Wednesday, more than 800 have yet to be evaluated. It has launched a massive manhunt in all 24 districts to track down locals and foreigners who attended the three-day meeting. The decision was made after a 22-year-old Malaysian woman who participated in the markaz tested positive in Ranchi on Wednesday. The search operation began shortly after the state police special branch distributed a list of 36 people believed to have attended the congregation.

Mohammad Tanvir Ansari, son of the state's minority affairs minister, Haji Hussain Ansari, has also been in quarantine. Tanvir, however, said that he did not attend the congregation. In the Ramgarh district of Jharkhand, a participant was quarantined after being tracked in the Rajrappa coal project area. The man, police said, returned by Rajdhani Express to Ranchi on March 17. He was aboard the B-1 coach with a younger girl and traveled with the Malaysian woman who tested positive in Ranchi, police said.

Police also identified 583 people in connection with the TJ meeting. Of these, 350 are from other states but are currently in Rajasthan. There are also five Nepalese. According to officials, they have all been examined and the district magistrates in question have been asked to decide whether these people need to be isolated at home or quarantined in medical facilities.

The number of people in Maharashtra who attended the congregation has increased to more than 450. While 448 people have been identified in various parts of the state, several in Mumbai have also been identified, although officials did not disclose exact city numbers. . . The numbers include Indians and foreigners who traveled after Delhi met with the state.

The Odisha government said on Wednesday they tracked and quarantined 17 more people who had returned to the state after attending the event, bringing the total to 20. This number is expected to increase.

In less than 20 hours since she reported her first positive Covid-19 case, 16 more people tested positive on Wednesday. All 17 had attended the TJ meeting.

All of these people attended the congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz. Of the 415 people in the state who participated in the meeting, 347 have returned home. The rest have not yet returned ... some of them have gone to Jammu and Kashmir and Lucknow. Some others are still in New Delhi, Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

Nine of the 10 cases reported in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are also related to the TJ meeting. This incident has brought India dangerously close to a difficult situation. It can lead to community broadcast in some places as well, given the number of suspects in various regions, an official said.