Prakriti Kakar loves live shows, this is why

Bollywood singer Prakriti Kakar He's always on the go, as he's playing in studios, recording songs, or performing at concerts.

At a recently concluded event, the Bombay Times caught up with Prakriti and asked him about the motivation behind doing numerous shows and music festivals relentlessly. She answered the question, saying: There was a show at a university in Kolkata where I was performing with my sister (singer Sukriti Kakar ) and it was one of the most beautiful concerts of my life. That moment when you go up on stage and the focus is on you and the audience is singing to you; It gives me a big boost and it's definitely the best thing about live shows. When you get a song out and you're going to play in a public gathering and the crowd sings your recently released number, you know that they have not only been following your body of work but also liking it. And when the Kolkata college crowd sang 'Mafiyaan' along with us, I got this satisfying feeling that can only come with live shows."