After moving from Tokyo, swimming looks for new dates in the world

ROME: After new dates have been announced for the Tokyo Olympics, the governing body of swimming will return to the drawing board to determine when to hold their next world championships.

The biennial aquatic event was scheduled for Fukuoka, Japan, from July 16 to August. 1, 2021. But on Monday, the Tokyo Games were delayed a full year due to coronavirus pandemic and moved to the same period: July 23-August. 8, 2021.

That is likely to leave FINA, the governing body for swimming, with two options for its biggest event: a move in late September and early October 2021; or May-June 2022.

Postponing a full year would be difficult due to the already full schedule of water events in July and August 2022, which includes the Commonwealth Games, the European Swimming and Water Polo Championships, and the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, in addition to the Asian games in September.

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thisisbecauseeliteswimmersoftentakeabreakafterafour-yearolympiccycle; And since this will be an unprecedented five-year cycle, the desire to move away from training-based sport could be even greater.

Another problem in late September or early October could be the weather in Fukuoka, which is about 675 miles (1,100 km) southwest of Tokyo on the island of Kyushu.

While open water swimmers would receive cooler temperatures, tall divers could be shaking in their swimsuits if a breeze hits their 27 and 20 meter (90 and 65 foot) platforms for men and women, respectively.

For the May-June 2022 option, the biggest problem is tackling more high-profile sports in the United States and Europe: NBA playoffs, European football, tennis, golf, cycling, and more.

Swimming Canada, however, supports a move to 2022 to give athletes more time to recover after the Tokyo Games .

From budgets to program planning, time, and the risks of athletes becoming overloaded, there are many unknowns. As we continue to navigate the uncertainty of this current global situation, we encourage FINA ... to choose 2022 as the best alternative, said John Atkinson, Canada's high-performance director and national coach.

Then there is the purely political aspect. The FINA elections generally coincide with its world championships and the 2021 vote is scheduled to decide the successor to the organization's president, Julio Maglione, 84.

Keeping Maglione in power until he is 86 may not be the best way to advance in the sport.

Everything, said Marculescu, 78, must be considered.