Coronavirus: local skin stones in the Indore health department team

INDORE: Health department officials who participated in COVID-19 of people in the area on Wednesday narrowly escaped when a group of hectic locals in the area began throwing stones, prompting police to deploy in large numbers to get control.

However, no injuries or damages were reported in the incident that took place around 02:30 p.m.

It has already declared the area as an epicenter after the detection of two cases of COVID-19, and up to 54 families have been placed in home isolation.

Sources said that a team of two doctors were dispatched to the area to screen the locals.

Some of the residents threw abuse and also threw stones at the team, forcing them to stop their detection work and leave the area, DIG told TOI.

He said no injuries were reported to anyone in the incident. “We have asked team members to point to those who threw stones. A case will be registered under section 353 of the IPC against those involved in the act, ”he said.

He added that teams of three from the nearby police station have been deployed to the area, and the situation is under control.

This is the second time when health department personnel have faced opposition from locals. Earlier Monday, a team from the health department had discussed in the Ranipura area, another epicenter of COVID-19, about detecting symptoms on the premises.