Kannada actors take the #cleanshavechallenge; New appearance

The macho look with a beard has been a trend for quite some time. In fact, wearing a beard has become a must for any man, and our Kannada TV heroes are no exception.

In the middle of the closing phase due to the novel Coronavirus Outbreak, many celebrities are seen experimenting with their looks. Some say goodbye to their beards as they cannot visit the salon, while others wanted to have a whole new look during the domestic quarantine.

However, our actors have decided to go to #cleanshave for the next few days. Kannada actors like it Chandan Kumar , Vinay Gowda , Chethan Chandra I have already taken the #cleanshavechallenge and he has sported a clean shaved look.

It was Chandhan Kumar, who took the initiative, took the challenge, and tagged many other actors to do the same. In fact, he volunteered to grow a beard and motivated others saying: Come on guys, it's only for a few days, it will grow soon (sic) on your Instagram account.

Well, many young people have been inspired by their stars and have also opted for #cleanshave. On the other hand, the challenge has also taken social networks by storm and has attracted the attention of many.