Closure diaries: Male television stars 'share the burden' with spouses at home

With the national blockade preventing access to domestic help from homes, many television stars like Vijayendra Kumeria Rohitashv Gour , Arjun Bijlani & Karanvir Bohra They are ensuring that the responsibility for housework does not rest solely with their wives.

These actors have been doing everything from chopping onions, washing clothes, sweeping, mopping & more to share the work load of their wives at the home front during the quarantine period.

"Be it cleaning, cooking or washing, we are doing all the household chores together. I am doing this after a long time but yes, when I was a bachelor & staying in Qatar for two years, I used to do the household work. So doing household chores is not a problem at all. Life is living & doing stuff together with your family. My wife & I are doing everything together. Happiness lies in doing things together," Vijayendra told the source .

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai actor Rohitashv Gour isn't too fond of cooking, but he has realized that he has a knack for it.

"I cut & cook vegetables & dal while my wife prepares chapatis & rice simultaneously. Apart from this, I usually stick to watering the plants or dusting the corners & furnitures of our house. As a habit, my wife feeds food to animals which I have taken up as a daily task now," he said.

It feels good to do housework, since you not only share the load but also stay physically active, he added.

For your co-star Aasif Sheikh It's not just about quarantine time. She has always believed that managing a house is not just a woman's job.

"It's our duty to share the load with them & this applies to each man irrespective of his profession. With me & my wife, we work in tandem to ensure all the household chores are done. If she takes up the sweeping & dusting bit, I cook the meals for the day," he said.

"The routine is exchanged between us the next day & my kids also help us out with some of the smaller household chores. We have been also working towards shifting to a new home which has been postponed until the situation gets better. However, the effort that goes into managing the entire household is tremendous. Hence, me & my wife always share responsibilities," he added.

Actor Sourabh Raaj Jain He also feels that the workload should be shared regularly.

"My ma brought me up with this helping her out in doing household chores during childhood, & I strongly believe in it & share the household work with my wife as well, with or without quarantine," said the "Patiala Babes" actor.

Karanvir doesn't mind picking up the broom & sweeping floors. He feels it's always good to help.

It is better because wives cannot do everything. If you are in the house, you have to share the load. You can't say 'I'm going to work or I'm working'. It is important to spend (time on housework) equally if not more. All I'm doing is helping, he said.

Arjun has taken up the responsibilities of dusting & cooking. "I made Punjabi chole. My wife takes care of everything. We both are cleanliness freaks," he said.

For the actor Mrunal Jain , doing household chores is something new.

"I hadn't done that before. When I was small, I used to help my mom, Vidya, sometimes. Now I am helping by doing jhaadu (sweeping). I feel it is like a therapy. I feel closer to family as I am spending my whole time with them. My wife & mom are all-rounders & they are ensuring I become perfect in everything. I am learning to make daal baati from them & also hari mirch ka achar. Morning pooja also I am doing," he said.

On the other hand, actor Yogesh Tripathi , who plays Happu Singh in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, has been used to doing household chores from the moment he began to pursue theater.

"Much before I got married, I used to do all the work - right from cooking to washing my clothes which I continue to do whenever I get time. Due to my work schedules, I was not able to pitch in as much as I used to. I thoroughly enjoy cooking & since I am at home due to nationwide lockdown, I have taken over that task from my wife," he said.

"We also have an alternate schedule of sweeping & cleaning the house. If she does the floor mopping, I manage the laundry for the day. I feel that housework should be a shared responsibility," he added.

While the men are helping in the proper functioning of their homes, actress Rishina Kandhari feels that sharing responsibilities helps in the union of couples.

"I am enjoying the cleaning at home. I am doing it daily. I am a cleanliness freak. My husband is helpful too. My daughter also does her bit in dusting. Couple bonding is over cleaning, cooking & eating too besides a cup of coffee," she shared.