Do not allow exceptions to the Covid-19 blockade, comply with the guidelines: center to states

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, the Union's Secretary of the Interior warned states not to allow exceptions to those allowed under the consolidated guidelines issued by the interior ministry in exercise of its powers under the Disaster Management Act.

This occurs as a result of states such as Kerala and Meghalaya that allow the sale or home delivery of spirits for health reasons. No exceptions are allowed for the sale/delivery of liquor under the guidelines of the home ministry.

In a letter to the state's top secretaries, Bhalla said that allowing exceptions other than those contained in the guidelines issued by the Home Office on March 24, followed by additions dated March 25 and 27, is a violation of the Closure measures and defeats the general purpose of efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19.

All state governments/UT administrations are requested to strictly implement the blockade measures issued by MHA, the home secretary told top secretaries.

The Kerala government had on Monday allowed the issuance of special passes for drinkers, who have withdrawal symptoms and carry a prescription, to buy liquor from the excise department.

An order from the Kerala government said that after the closing and closing of alcoholic beverage stores in the state, there were many cases of social problems, including the frustrating and suicidal tendencies shown by those who used to consume alcoholic beverages regularly and the state government. has decided to initiate measures. to resolve the matter.

If a person receives a prescription from doctors saying they have withdrawal symptoms, they could be given liquor in a controlled manner, the order said.

Incidentally, the Indian Medical Association had opposed the Kerala order saying that prescribing liquor for those with withdrawal symptoms was not a scientific treatment.

The Meghalaya government has also allowed home delivery of liquor against prescription issuance by a registered doctor. The government approved the home delivery of liquor for health reasons, strictly against prescription, said the undersecretary of the department of special taxes, B Syiemlieh.

Warehouses can be allowed to sell liquor as a special case until April 14, a statement from the excise department had stated Monday.