'Don't blame the NRIs for spreading Covid-19'

“There are reports of Punjab villages boycotting and abusing NRIs. We (NRI) built temples, gurdwaras, financed elections, did free shows to raise charity for calamities in India, and did our best to help people there. However, today, when the NRIs need the help of their Indian counterparts, they are stranded in airports, cities and forced to hide like thieves to evade quarantine, which is very sad. There are older people who traveled to India for a short stay and are now stuck there not knowing where to get their medicine, food etc. because everything closed very quickly. And here we are, in foreign countries, caring for the Indian children who study here and were unable to return home. I have also asked Punjabi singers not to post any songs at this time and I also request others to stop making jokes and memes at NRI. This is not the time for that. You are projecting the whole community in low light and people are making fun of you for being impertinent and trying to capitalize on the situation. People are scared now, give them good advice, and wait instead. And if it continues to attack the NRIs, they will be afraid to return to India, causing investment losses. ” - Malkit Singh Mehso

As a world, we are united in our fight against this global pandemic. China allowed this virus to spread worldwide. Punjab people should not blame the NRIs and instead follow government guidelines to contain this virus. Coronavirus is serious and we could lose thousands more lives if people do not follow the protocol. Most of the cases that have foreign connections are from Indian citizens traveling abroad and not from NRIs visiting India. Don't blame anyone and stay safe, stay clean and stay home. -Mehsopuria Etimes_babbumaan

The NRIs brought prosperity in Punjab, don't blame them Babbu Maan