NCM chief writes to religious leaders to ensure closure of law in religious places

NEW DELHI :: The chairman of the commission on national minorities on Wednesday called for all who were present at the congregation at its headquarters in early March in Delhi and went to their states to present themselves, self-declare and make the test to prevent its spread.

While ensuring that those who show up to declare their presence in the face of need are not afraid, Rizvi warned that those who do not show up should be ready to take action, as it is about the health and safety of so many others.

To ensure that there is no truce on the ground, Rizvi has written letters to religious from all minority communities: Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, and Zoroastrians to ensure strict adherence to the blockade regulations in all religious places and Educational institutions run by them like madrasas and hostels. Letters have also been sent to the chief secretaries and DGP of the states and territories of the union.

As we all know, Covid-19 has seriously affected the world and government India is taking all possible measures to combat and limit the effect of this pandemic. To contain the spread of this disease, the 21-day block is applied. All activities, except essential services, have been suspended and people have been asked to remain inside, Rizvi says in his letter to religious leaders.

"To further this cause, Friday Namaz and other religious congregations of all the religions have already been stopped in all the religious places in the country which is appreciable. But the incident of Nizamuddin (Delhi) where a Jamaat was organised has done big damage to the efforts of the government to contain this virus. This amounts to a serious violation of the lock down and advisory to not hold any congregation at any religious place or education institution. This has put the lives of fellow citizens at risk," he added.

The NCM chief has asked religious leaders to advise members of his community to help enforce the blockade in all religious places and educational institutions and to avoid any gatherings, if any, in those places. People must be aware of this emerging situation and respect the blockade, Rizvi said.