Quarantine activities: decorating ideas to keep kids interested

Schools have closed after the exam and parents work from home. This blockade is giving us some major challenges by locking everyone up in our homes trying to come up with innovative ideas to keep us busy. Since social distancing and staying home is the need of the hour, parents scratch their heads to discover how to do home schooling, housework, office work and last but not least, how to involve children in a meaningful way.

Here are some creative decorating ideas to have fun with your kids while working from home.

Go bold with color blocking

Color Blocking is an easy and fun way to start a painting project with your child. We recommend that you keep it simple by insulating part of your wall for this. For example, divide a shared room for your children in half and paint each half of the wall a different color. The use of bright and contrasting shades, such as yellow and pink, creates a cheerful and vibrant environment for children. The activity becomes fun for children too because it involves a lot of mess and creativity.

Take out that big box of Lego

Most of the time when children ask parents to play with them, they are generally disappointed. But this is the time to make up for those ignored opportunities. Take out that big Lego box and get creative with your kids. Lego is not only about playing with children, it is also very therapeutic for the elderly.

Get creative and try DIY

Since you have a lot of time and few opportunities to buy things, resort to DIY activities. DIY activities are exciting for kids because they can create something new and useful. Browse through the videos you have been liking and saving to your social media accounts and choose the best ones for your home.

Light up your workspace from home

bag (12) (Image credit: Dulux Paints)

This activity is fun. Try painting shelves or any small piece of furniture in a bright shade to spice up a space. This is an easy way to add accent colors throughout the space and make a space look like an art office. This is a subtle way to make children understand work from the home concept.