A popular number of Oggu Ravi and his team raising awareness amid the COVID-19 blockade

Oggu Ravi, the popular people dance Oggu Katha artist of Telangana , came up with a people number to create awareness among the people of the state against the spread of the pandemic COVID-19.

The five-minute video explains the devastation the virus is causing worldwide, in addition to the preventive measures that must be taken to stay safe from the virus. Dr Chukka Satyaya he trained the group that recited the song. Explaining the need to create a song like this now, Oggu Ravi He said: For a week now I have been writing songs and stories that revolve around the pandemic to make people known.

Oggu Katha performers usually take to the streets to ensure the message reaches everyone. However, Oggu Ravi reveals that they are now ensuring to maintain social distance too. “We usually play the Oggu Dolu and recite kathalu but following the directives given by the leaders of this country, we've stopped giving public performances. We don't want people to gather and be a reason for the disease to spread further, ”he says.

Instead, as they are artists who can't help but do their best to publicize during this time, they have started writing songs and recording videos now.