200 from Gujarat suspected of attending the Nizamuddin event in Delhi

AHMEDABAD/RAJKOT/SURAT: More than 200 from Gujarat are suspected to have attended the religious congregation held in Nizamuddin, which has unleashed the coronavirus in every state in India, the main sources of the state government said.

In fact, it was confirmed that a 70-year-old businessman from Bhavnagar who succumbed to the virus on March 26 attended the Tablighi Jamaat Markaz along with a local Maulvi.

RK Sinha, health officer of the Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC), told TOI that the elders had flown to Delhi on March 10 and returned on March 11.

We have quarantined nearly 30% of people in the deceased's area of ​​residence and other positives, Sinha said.

While it was confirmed that 13 people from Bhavnagar and 76 from Surat attended this meeting, it is also suspected that 100 others from Ahmedabad attended the disastrous meeting.

Gujarat Police Director-General Shivanand Jha said a team led by Deepan Bhadran, the SP Gujarat SP Counter-Terrorism Squad and the DCP of the Ahmedabad DCP crime branch will launch a statewide huge to track people with a history of travel to Delhi and specifically Nizamuddin.