'Whats Next? By requiring us to install live web streaming software in our rooms?

NEW DELHI: A day after the government announced it would ask Covid-19 quarantines to send selfies to them every hour through a digital rights activist and expert raised serious development concerns on Tuesday.

Have you paused to consider that we are one step away from the government currently making an app that requires people to submit selfies every hour, and then requires us to install live streaming software in our rooms? Damage to privacy is no longer hypothetical. The Internet Freedom Foundation executive director, Apar Gupta, tweeted.

He also noted that the majority of Corona Indian contact tracking applications are not authorized under the rules set forth in the Epidemic Diseases Act. They also do not contain or are linked to a privacy policy. While these are imperfect data protection instruments, even ceremonial compliance with law has been waived.

The SFLC legal director also noted that any invasion of an individual's privacy must be within the limits of the law established by the Supreme Court in the privacy judgment of 9 judges. Any government action must comply with the law. He added that there is no law that allows the state government to request such information (selfies) from a person.

The concern is the increase in surveillance measures that governments are taking and that are becoming the new norm even after the pandemic ends. Such data should not be used for any purpose other than public health, Suganathan said.

Bangalore-based digital rights activist Anirav Aravind said: The first victim of such apps is generally privacy rights because they are disregarded. Engineers jump in to develop technology solutions, but it's up to the government to ensure these solutions are available while respecting the rights. We cannot launch solutions and compel people to try them without their informed consent.

The digital response to the Covid-19 outbreak, including mobile apps for contact tracking, circulation of quarantined lists, has raised several questions about data mismanagement and its consequences.

On Tuesday, a collective of digital rights organizations wrote a letter to the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Health and the IT Ministry, urging the government to resort to strict legal measures to regulate and supervise the collection and further processing of data. personal information during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The letter was signed by CCAOI, Free Software Movement of India, Internet Democracy Project, Internet Freedom Foundation, Internet Society-Delhi Chapter, IT For Change and Swathanthra Malayalam Computing.