Nandita Patkar from Sahakutumb Sahaparivar practices Mandala; have a look

Sahakutumb Sahaparivar Marathi Na Nandita TV Show Patkar He is currently investing his time doing artistic work. Actress improves her Mandala art skills. The actress said, “Mandala is Sanskrit word for a circle. It means you only draw a design in the circle. Mandala art is too relaxing and meditative. I don't like sitting in one place and doing a single thing. but Mandala art taught me to concentrate on one thing at a time without getting bored. I like one thing about this art is here you don’t have to be pro in the He drew . When you draw a design, your personality & behavior reflect in your He drew . Especially, when you are in these stressful days, it's helpful for you. It will calm you down. This time will go soon so please adapt your old hobbies & likings because this phase will never come back”


Sunil Barve & Nandita Patkar are working together for the first time in a TV show. Sunil Barve has previously worked in popular Marathi TV shows like Gojiri, Kalat Nakalat, Adhantari, Avantika, Kunku , Asambhav, Lek Majhi Ladki. On the other hand, Nandita Patkar is a film & theater artist who has grabbed attention with her recent release ‘Baba’.

Currently, the entire country is under lockdown & everyone is asked not to leave their homes. Many celebs are also encouraging fans to stay indoors & utilize their social distancing period in the most productive way. While many celebs are spending quality time with their family, actors like Nandita are investing their energy in arts.