Written update of Phagun Bou, June 11, 2019: Mohul decides to sign the divorce notice

In the last episode of Phagun Bou , Bibi & Bidhumukhi return home & they show all the articles they have bought. Mohul is visibly upset & asks why they didn’t take her.

Bidhumukhi tries avoiding the topic & says she didn’t want to bother Mohul , since she was tired. Mohul , who knows the actual reason, asks her whether they went to Ghosh household.

Bidhumukhi keeps quiet & explains how they thought breaking the ice between the families would help Mohul & Roddur to start again.

Mohul , who a few minutes back received the divorce notice sent by Roddur , shows the documents to them. They get shocked looking at the papers. Bidhumukhi is unable to accept the fact & says Roddur has promised them to attend the wedding & he can't send the notice.

She thought the notice might have been long before they went to meet Roddur 's family. However, Mohul declares that she will sign the divorce notice.

Meanwhile, Roddur takes Milli to a restaurant after completing all necessary formalities of legally adopting the baby. He asks Milli to have something but she is still miffed with Roddur . While, Milli tries to prove that it is Roddur ’s decision to take all the responsibilities of her baby, the latter says he will never deny any of his responsibility.

When Milli tries to interfere in Roddur ’s personal life, he asks her to stay away.