UP: BJP MP's 40-member group 'inspects' the isolation room in Hathras

AGRA: Throwing all social distancing calls into the wind in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a group of 40 odd BJP officials, led by Hathras MP, landed at the Hathras District Hospital on Wednesday to inspect the.

The inspection occurred even when two suspected Covid-19 patients are admitted to the room, health officials confirmed. The duo's samples were sent to the laboratory for analysis and reports are awaited.

However, Rajveer Singh Diler, denied the social distancing rules, and told TOI that he kept a distance of 1.5 meters with local administrative officials and other BJP officials, including MLAs, the district president and others. He said: We are following the instructions given by the Prime Minister and someone is trying to misinterpret our visit.

Diler added that he visited the District hospital to verify hospital readiness for Covid-19 patients and after that it was, where he found some discrepancies. I have ordered the CMO to ensure better hygiene and maintenance, he said, adding that he is trying to organize two fans for the district.

When contacted by DM Hathras, Pravin Kumar Lakshkar, who was also present along with SSP, CMO, stated that only five and six people, including BJP MP Diler, were there for inspection of a Covid-19 patient room and the The rest were people from the media. We have maintained social distancing during his visit, he said, adding that the MP has come to take stock of the preparations of the district authorities.

However, the photos and videos available with TOI contradict the claims of both the MP and the DM. The MP-led group, with masks on their faces, can be seen walking near the narrow corridors of the hospital. You can even see them huddle in a small room and talk to officials there.

According to a recent study by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), the number of cases in India can be reduced by 62%, provided that social distancing and quarantine measures are effectively applied and complied with adequate. The researchers said that social distancing is said to be the most effective tool against the Covid-19 pandemic as the world still awaits effective treatment to kill the virus.

Since the national closure orders issued by the Indian government on March 25, authorities and citizens have ensured that the rules for distancing in public spaces are respected.