#CoronaConcerns: Seethakalyanam fame, Anoop Krishnan, perfects his drawing skills to raise awareness

Seethakalyanam fame actor Anoop Krishnan is another celebrity who is trying to bring out the best in emergency shutdown days. The actor, who plays the character named Kalyan, is trying to improve his drawing skills and thus raise awareness about Covid 19 . Recently, he even shared his works through his online page.

While enjoying her new hobby at home, Anoop says: “The idea caught my eye when I saw my little sister doing a wall painting in her room. The last time I did a drawing was when I was in high school. I am a self-taught artist and the new interest helps me maintain my artistic commitment. I love nature, so my drawings are inspired by it. Another image is representative and shows how we will stand firm and fight the Corona pandemic. I ask everyone to explore their skills and try new things at home during this time. That would help us stay safe and creative.