Annwesha Hazra becomes emotional as 'Aamar Thikana Tai Briddhashram' prepares for a replay

Popular TV show ‘ Aamar Thikana Tai Briddhashram ' directed by Due Bhattacharya , it is all ready for its repetition. The show revolved around the plight of older people who are often neglected by their children and end up in old homes. The program also attempted to raise the question of the importance of nursing homes.

Starring veteran actors like Lily Chakraborty , Manoj Mitra , and many others, ‘Aamar Thikana Tai Briddhashram’ was a huge hit among the audience. Actress Annwesha Hazra, who played Roshni's character in the show, went nostalgic the moment she heard about its re-telecast.

She said, “I am on cloud nine ever since I heard about it. One of my co-stars gave me the news. It left me nostalgic. It was a great opportunity for me to share the screen with such a veteran actress (Lily Chakraborty). ”

Annwesha is currently in her hometown, Burdwan, in the midst of the national bull run and wants to enjoy the show once more with her family. She said: “As an actor, we should see our performances as it helps us in many ways. Previously, you used to watch the show on time if you had an early packet or if you watched the replay of your broadcast. But this time, I will enjoy the show together with my family.

The actress is now playing the lead role in ‘ Chuni Panna , Who is having a broadcast on another channel. The actress also enjoys it with her family.

Talking about ‘Aamar Thikana Tai Briddhashram’, the actress went emotional and shared a memory.

“During outdoor events we have the opportunity to interact with the public. I met many older people who put their hearts in front of me. They shared how much they can relate to the show. Once, a woman shared how she and her husband started living separately, leaving the in-laws alone. When he saw our program, he felt guilty, ”he shared emotionally.