'Game Over' by Taapsee Pannu receives good reviews from TFI

From Ashwin Saravanan Taapsee Pannu The premiere of 'Game Over' is scheduled for release this Friday with music composed by Ron Ethan Yohann.

Also starring Anish Kuruvilla Vinodhini Vaidyanathan and more in key roles, the filmmakers are making special screenings for the film to be released in Telugu , Tamil and Hindi. Who is who of the film industry has been attending these screenings that Anurag Kashyap will present in Hindi.

TFI also seems to have been left speechless by the film for the actors and directors who attended the screening. Nikhil, actor of Arjun Suravaram, wrote in his social networks: #GameOver will impact you, surprise you and make you scream ... Go see it. Congratulations @taapsee @ sash041075 @StudiosYNot. (Sic) director of 'Ranarangam' Sudheer Varma wrote: You can not beat #GameOver! Yesterday I saw the premiere and I have to say that it is a super thriller. Excellent performance of @taapsee and outstanding performance of the technicians. All the best for the launch! @StudiosYNot @ sash041075 @chakdyn. (Sic)

The producer of 'Baahubali', Shobu Yarlagadda, also seemed astonished by the film, I just saw #GameOver from @ taapsee. It's a well-made edge of the seat thriller! Excellent performance of @taapsee! Congratulations and the best for the team! @StudiosYNot @ sash041075 @Ashwin_saravana. (Sic) director of 'Yatra' Mahi V Raghav confirmed that surely it is not for the weak-hearted, #GameOver surely is not for the weak-hearted. Experience fear and darkness in the world of @taapsee on June 14. Good luck @taapsee @ studioynot1 @Ashwin_saravana @RonEthan. (Sic)

With critics as exciting as that, it remains to be seen how fans of the movie Game Over will receive.