Stellar talk: People who defy prohibitive orders should be beaten, says Pushkar Jog

The popular actor-producer of the Marathi cinema, Pushkar jog He is known for his films like 'Ti and' Ti ', Huff! - It's too much ', and among others. Pushkar, who loves to travel, is currently quarantined at home. In an exclusive interview with ETimes , Pushkar Jog talked about how he's making the most of his free time at home and the advice he has for his fans. Excerpts from the interview:

How has life changed after Coronavirus pandemic

Life has been paralyzed. It was very, very unexpected. Mother Nature has given us all a break. To start again, we need to sit down, think, analyze and restart our lives being optimistic. On a lighter note, it is Chief Bigg's home in his own home with his family with television, telephone, and Internet access. I think we should spend quality time with the missing family.

How has it affected your work?

Yes, all my filming and media-related activities have stopped. So, I make sure to complete my work from home. Fortunately, my next film Well Done Baby is in post-production, so it didn't affect me much. What kind of precautions are you taking? How are you taking care of your family and loved ones right now?

We are following the guidelines given by the Government and we try to follow them strictly. We wash our hands frequently.

How do you keep yourself busy since everything is blocked, whatever you are doing in this spare time?

I am enjoying this phase, to be honest. It is a blessing in disguise for me. I make sure I don't miss my daily training. Floor exercises (desi exercise - push-ups and squats) mixed with the core body routine of abdominal exercises and burpees. I've challenged myself to be very thin until the lock is lifted.

Secondly, I spend a lot of quality time with my daughter (Felisha) and Jasmine. I also play music and dance with Felisha. My wife Jasmine it is better to keep the house in good condition and therefore we organize many things.

I recently wrote a rap song on 'Cornavirus' that I have also shared on my social media. It was to address people not to take this coronavirus lightly. Meanwhile, I also wrote some poems and stories.

What message would you like to give everyone during this time?

Our government is doing a fantastic job of making quick and correct decisions to prevent the rapid spread of this virus. Respect the people who are outside working day and night to save our lives: doctors, nurses, police, among others. Enjoy time with your family. Don't panic, stay calm, stay positive, stay home and stay safe. Pushkar jog 's firm opinion

People who defy prohibitive orders must be beaten to the pulp. Really indifferent, if some people have a death wish, but it is inexcusable when they endanger other innocents. It is time for us to stop defending our communities/castes/creeds and think about our safety, as Indians.