Now I am actively focusing on eating healthy food: Mehr Mahajan

Dhollywood actress and model Mehr Mahajan has been making the best use of the lock. the Actress He has been actively working from home and is also taking special care of his diet. She shares: “It is really important that we eat good food when we are at home now. Even before closing, I didn't really like junk food. Now I am actively focusing on healthy eating as physical activity has decreased a lot. Mehr says he now enjoys home-cooked meals. Me diet consists entirely of simple homemade food like dal, chawal and roti. I don’t eat homemade pizzas or burgers because even though they are made at home, they still contain elements that can hamper our health. I have added a lot of lemon and turmeric to my diet to increase immunity. In addition to that, I also add herbs to the flour to make it healthier,” adds Mehr.