University students have difficulty coping with academics amid the shutdown

Students are not very happy with the unprecedented break. With classes canceled, students find it difficult to cope with the last-minute burden of completing assignments and studying at home.

Kabir Teckwani, a fourth-year student at the University of Ahmedabad, shares: “There will be long-term repercussions from this break. Many of our regular and scheduled conferences have been canceled at the last minute due to the 15 day break. Canceled classes will be rescheduled once classes resume. We will have to attend additional conferences to make up for these canceled classes, adds Kabir, and adds how his university is doing its best to ensure that students do not lose their learning. “The university has organized online conferences now. Conferences are currently held through an online application. We all have to attend conferences obligatorily, and at the end of each conference our attendance is marked. We are also asked to present a brief report on what we understood at those online conferences.

Similarly, Sakshi Golhar, a sophomore at Karnavati University, says: “I study product design and many times we needed to use the university's resources for our projects. The rupture has clung to that and that is proving to be an obstacle. We will have our jury in a month and we still have to complete the study program. Our university has even announced that from now on we will not have holidays on Sunday or Saturday, which will make the next few months very hectic ”.

Although rest is proving to be an obstacle for most, students also appreciate their university's efforts to ensure safety. Harsh Doshi, a freshman MBA student from Nirma University, shares: “With the continuing threat of COVID-19, our university has taken rapid steps to ensure the safety of students and society in general. Classes have been suspended until further notice. With regard to the curriculum, the faculties have already started to teach online with the help of various portals and to accept hard copies of assignments for the rest of the assessment components.