Vindu Dara Singh: my family is trapped in Russia

The son of actor and fighter Dara Singh Vindu Dara Singh , who had gone to work in Punjab, is currently in Chandigarh with his brother. Vindu finished his work in Punjab and was taking a flight back to Mumbai when the emergency shutdown was announced and decided that it was better to stay in Chandigarh at his brother's house. His wife Dina Umarova is a Russian model and her daughter. Amelia had gone to Russia for a holiday. But, in Russia too, the emergency shutdown was announced and ever since they are stuck in Russia.

Vindu said, "It is a helpless situation. My wife regularly goes to Russia to meet her family and my daughter also accompanies her. While they were gone I thought I will finish some work in Punjab. But, after I finished my work, the emergency shutdown was announced and I am currently home bound in Chandigarh with my brother. My wife and daughter are also stuck in Russia. The situation is very strict in Russia. They have kept CCTV cameras every where and putting people in jail or imposing a heavy fine if someone steps out even for a minute. It is quite scary but we all have to follow rules."