Sonia Gandhi asks PM to give 21 days of salary in advance to MGNREGA workers

NEW DELHI: President of Congress Sonia gandhi on Wednesday he wrote to the prime minister Narendra Modi requesting 21-day advance payment to MGNREGA workers across the country to help them overcome the current crisis due to the coronavirus blockade.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Gandhi said that a large number of rural poor do not have a job and that around 8 million MGNREGA workers lack an alternative source due to the closure throughout the country, therefore, they are being you must pay money in advance to help them. The current crisis.

Given the urgency of providing income to the rural poor, due to lost wages, the government may consider paying 21 days in advance immediate wages to registered and active workers at MGNREGA, he said.

The President of the Congress Party said that advance wages can be adjusted against the work that workers must do, once the MGNREGA sites are opened.

I request that you take immediate action and support almost eight million rural workers in the country, he said.

Gandhi said from the start, the Mahatma Gandhi The National Guarantee Law (MGNREGA) has been a critical lifeline for the rural poor, particularly during periods of chronic economic distress.

He noted that thousands of farm workers have become unemployed during the crucial harvest season.

Devoid of an alternative source of income, she said that an increasing number of the rural poor are expected to demand work under MGNREGA.

However, social distancing regulations have made all works unfeasible during the shutdown, he said, adding that even when MGNREGA works begin, workers will be paid after a month to get their wages.