Rannaghar: episodes hosted in Sudipa Chatterjee ready for a replay during Covid-19 blockade

Host Sudipa Chatterjee , who organized the popular Bengali cooking show ‘ Rannaghar For almost 13 years, it will be seen on television once again during the emergency shutdown phase. No, she is not replacing the current host Auddy Aparajita . The channel will rerun the old episodes hosted by Sudipa due to lack of fresh episodes of 'Rannaghar'. Ever since the old promos featuring Sudipa went air, it left the audience curious. The viewers are elated to see her once again.

Sudipa’s sudden absence from ‘Rannaghar’ left the audience surprised. The channel received many phone calls and letters after Sudipa left the show, sources suggest. She had gradually become the face of the show after hosting it for several years.

Sudipa decided to leave the program when she was waiting. Popular actress Aparajita stepped into her shoes later. Though Sudipa stayed away from the camera, she wasn’t away from the entertainment industry. She took care of the creative part of the daily soap ‘Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu’. But now, when many old shows are being aired amidst emergency shutdown phase, the channel decided to air the old episodes of ‘ Rannaghar ’.