Nitish Bharadwaj: He had initially auditioned to play Vidura in 'Mahabharat'

Actor Nitish Bharadwaj , who became popular playing Lord Krishna in BR Chopra's 'Mahabharat', is happy that his show is playing on Doordarshan . Speaking about how he got the role, he said: Ravi Chopra I had seen my work in commercials and also knew about my work in the Marathi theater. When the producer was looking for the role of Lord Krishna, she auditioned me to play Vidura but then everyone thought how will a 24 year old play somebody as senior as Vidura? So, it did not work out. Then they auditioned me for Krishna's role. Raviji insisited that I accept the challenge but I was not confident. Krishna is someone who joined the threads of Mahabharat , a character who was extremely challenging and didn't know if he could get him out at such a young age. I asked for 48 hours and went home. Then my mother instilled confidence in me and told me to simply accept the challenge. I kept going and the rest became history. To date, people know me as Krishna.

Ask the actor if playing Krishna was an obstacle to accepting other roles and he said: I felt like I made some mistakes in my career and that is why I couldn't get many roles after playing Krishna. Currently, I am happy that my training in Sanskrit and Hindu literature has helped me play this role. My mother had also given me good knowledge. I believe that even if I can absorb 1% of what Lord Krishna followed in his life, I will be happy.