WTO announces ex-gratia of Covid-19 for staff as a gesture of goodwill

MANGALURU: They have launched a vital Covid 19 lifeline for staff such as showroom staff, drop gate keepers, LPG mechanics/LPG dispatchers, retail store assistants, drivers of trucks, including bulk/package carriers. By recognizing the risk in their lives to guarantee the delivery of fuel to customers, the OMC will grant ex-gratia of Rs 5 lakh in the event of their death due to the pandemic and will be paid to the spouse of said staff or their relatives.

According to the union government's announcement of free refills for all Ujjwala Yojana consumers from April 1 to June 30, beneficiaries of 8 million Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana will be entitled to free 14.2 kg LPG cylinders. Accordingly, it was decided to transfer the full RSP of the April refill cost in advance to the linked bank account of the Ujjwala beneficiaries for the sole purpose of using this amount to purchase free LPG cylinders.

A PMUY customer is entitled to one cylinder per month. The beneficiary can book the next top-up only after 15 days of receiving the last top-up. The recharge reservation must be made through IVRS or registered mobile phone number. Acknowledgment may be based on latitude-longitude OTP/catch/company, in addition to the signature of the cash note and blue book entry. LPG distributions normally operate on the advice of state governments.

WTO LPG distributions are well-stocked for the closing period and there is no shortage. Customers do not need to panic or resort to hoarding and panic buying, or visit LPG showrooms and distributors to refuel. LPG refills can be reserved from homes through SMS/IVRS (IOCL: 7588888824, HPCL: 9222201122); missed call (BPCL: 77109 55555) or through any of the online payment gateways for the delivery of LPG refills.

Customers should strive to make digital payments whenever possible to avoid unnecessary ticket handling in view of COVID-19. LPG emergency helpline number 1906 is also fully operational. LPG staff, such as showroom staff, drop gate keepers, mechanics, and deliverymen are selflessly attending to their duties during this crisis period to maintain uninterrupted supply of LPG cylinders throughout the India to all LPG customers.