Title poster: Jonnavithula's biographical biography of Ram Gopal Varma titled RGV (Roju Gille Vaadu)

Maverick filmmaker and favorite son of controversy Ram Gopal Varma He never ceases to amaze us with his eccentric films and his controversial comments. After creating a sensation in the Telugu states with the Lakshmi NTR, a biopic Showcasing the tragic end-of-life events for NTR, the 57-year-old director devised Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu, a political satire. While Lakshmi's NTR managed to make headlines after its release, the second film sank without a trace at the box office.

Meanwhile, in December 2019, prominent lyricist and poet Jonnavithula Ramalingeswara Rao announced that he is going to make a biopic on Ram Gopal Varma with the title ‘Pappu Varma’ and promised to expose all of RGV ’s deeds from pre-Shiva days to present. On April Fools ’Day (April 1), Jonnavithula released the title poster of RGV biopic and the film has been titled as RGV (Roju Gille Vaadu). While there is no official information on the main cast of the film, the technical crew is filled with new names.


On the work front, RGV is planning to wrap up ‘ Enter the Girl Dragon ’Once ​​the blockade in the country has ended. In the first week of March, the Rangeela director filmed some scenes of the protagonist Pooja Bhalekar in the waters of Vizag beach. Billed as India's first martial arts film, the action thriller promotions managed to strike the right chord with netizens.