Priya J Achar urges people to stay inside

Small screen Actress Priya J Achar currently seen in the series Gattimela has asked people to stay inside to prevent the spread of Coronavirus .

The Actress on her Instagram page posted. "YōuR ATTenTiôN PLéa$ee::::°°•• °°°°°Nöo one is cöming tø save yöu °°°°°°°°Thi$ liFe ôf Yours it is 100% your responsibility √√ ••• A humble request to all those who do not understand the seriousness of dii case [Corona-covid 19] please do not leave your house to buy things that are not too essential, adjust with what you have at home because the virus is spreading rapidly and if it reaches an extreme level we will face like other countries ISESTE BLOQUEO IT'S FOR OUR COUNTRY AND OUR PEOPLE, so #stayhome #staysafe

Wid lotsssss offff love and care