The government turns to 92,000 NGOs to help feed and shelter the migrants affected by the confinement

NEW DELHI: The Center has cornered civil society organizations to help the state and district meet the food, shelter and other needs of migrant workers who have been affected by the government-announced 21-day shutdown to combat the spread of Covid. 19 viruses.

In a letter to more than 92,000 NGOs on the NGO's darpan portal, the government has asked them to work with the district administration to establish community kitchens and provide shelter for migrants and homeless people in cities.

As the country intensifies its efforts to raise awareness, the government urged civil society organizations to join efforts to increase awareness on prevention, hygiene, social distancing, isolation and the fight against stigma. The government also sought their support for the distribution of kits and items (PPE) such as disinfectants, soaps, masks, and gloves among community workers and volunteers.

“The government has taken various measures to protect their livelihoods. At this juncture, I ask that you coordinate your efforts and work closely with district administration and state governments so that care, shelter, feeding and social distancing measures go hand in hand and are fully cared for in your current location. It is our responsibility that no one is left without shelter or food, ”said the CEO in a letter to civil society entities. Kant also heads the empowered group established by the government to coordinate with the private sector, NGOs and international organizations for response-related activities to control the spread of Covid-19.

NGOs have also been urged to help the local administration identify hotspots and replace volunteers and caregivers to provide services to the elderly, people with disabilities, children, transgender people and other vulnerable groups.

They have been tasked to partner with state and local governments in enlisting volunteers from among individuals and communities and develop communication strategies in different languages to create awareness at the community level so that Covid-19 spread is tightly checked and false information fully countered.

The government wants civil society organizations to work with state and local governments to promote behavior change to ensure that there is no stigma or discrimination against Covid-19 patients.