Apurvi Chandela resets goals for 2021

BENGALURU: one of India's brightest medal prospects at the Tokyo Olympics, Apurvi Chandela Hopes of taking a break in four months, after more than two years of high-intensity training, are now dashed by the coronavirus pandemic pushing quirkiness back by a year.

But the world's number 5 rifle shooter is determined to make the most of the new timeline and continue the hard work for another 16 months.

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I planned to take a break after the Games as the process of earning a quota, retaining it, and at the same time focusing on getting ready for the Olympics and reaching the maximum on that day is very emotionally and physically demanding of a person. But now it's time to go back to the drawing board and make a plan for the next year and a half. Apurvi he told TOI from his home in Jaipur.

Things are a little uncertain as of now, since we are in a running of the bulls and we don't know in which competitions we will compete and when they will be held, he added.

The unassuming player, who won two gold medals at the ISSF World Cups in 2019, said that while she was disappointed with the postponement, she was relieved that she does not have to re-qualify.


It was a relief because we have all worked hard to earn our odds and we still have to go through teams for a year and a half after that (how I won the odds in 2018). So it is definitely not easy. I am happy the IOC You acknowledge this and have made this decision.

Apurvi felt the IOC took the right decision in postponing the Games. "It was a bit disappointing as years of hard work and planning have gone into the lead-up to the Games. A few months ago, no one saw such a situation dawning upon the world. But what matters most is the health and safety of everyone and it's a good decision to postpone the Games looking at the condition of the world and the rapid spread of the virus."

I'm looking at it in a positive way. It would have been extremely heart-breaking and disappointing if the Games were to be canceled. But that's not the case, so the goal and aim remain the same. I'm working closely with my support team and I will continue to do so, Apurvi, a multiple Commonwealth games medalist, added.

Unhindered training

The 27-year-old shooter, who trains under the former national champion and mentor Rakesh Manpat He said that he is now focusing on improving his physical and technical condition.

Luckily I have a shooting range at home, so my training has not been hampered. That's the only thing in my control as of now, to just focus on getting better technically and physically. I'm continuing with my fitness and workouts as well at home. The dates of the Games are out, so I'm going to plan my training and recovery accordingly. The rest of it will only get cleared with time once we have a plan for the rest of the year and a half, Apurvi said.