Aggabai actor Sasubai Girish Oak urges everyone through a poem to stay home; have a look

Celebrities are encouraging citizens to quarantine. Marathi TV Actor Girish Oak , who returned with the daily soap Aggabai Sasubai 'appeals to his fans to practice social distancing and use their quarantine time effectively. The actor recently posted a poem on his social media and urged his fans to inspire everyone who stays away from home to do their duty.

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आडवी घरे उभी घरे सरळ घरे तिरपी घरे त्रिकोनी घरे चौकोनी घरे मातीची घरे दगडाची घरे पत्र्याची घरे विटांची घरे बरी sssss च घरे घरीच बरे मागे कधीतरी गंगाराम तोंडून णकराहोतीा तोंडून ऐकली होती ही कविता. मला वाटतं वा न सरदेसाईंची आहे. आवडली होती तेव्हा खूप. शूटसाठी जवळ जवळ रोज १३ तासाच्यावर घराबाहेर रहावं लागंत असल्यामुळे मला घरी रहायला खूप आवडतं अगदी घर कोंबडा म्हंटलंत तरी चालेल पण कविताकवित असं वाटलं टलं. घरी बसून बाहेर कसं पडता येईल ह्याचा विचार करण्यापेक्षा घरी बसून काय काय करता येऊ शकतं ह्याचा विचार लोक करतील तर बरं होईल. मला तर पाठच होत्या त्या गोष्टी त्याच करतोय. तुम्हीही आठवून बघा आणि करा. ज्यांना बाहेर जावंच लागतंय त्यांच्यावरचा ताण कमी करा.

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Girish wrote: डवी घरे, उभी घरे, सरळ घरे, तिरपी घरे, त्रिकोनी घरे, चौकोनी घरे, मातीची घरे, दगडाची घरे, पत्र्याची घरे, विटांची घरे, बरी sssss च घरे, घरीच,

This poem was heard by Gangaram Gavankar ever back. I think it was the creature of V.N Sardesai. I loved it. Being away from home for about an hour every day for a session, I loved being home. Even if the house were called a rooster, the poem did not appear to be as compelling and vital. It would be better if people thought about what they could do at home instead of how they could get out of the house. I was doing the same as my back. Remember. Reduce stress on those who have to go out.

On the work front, Girish Oak is currently playing the character of Abhijit in Aggabai Sasubai along with Nivedita Saraf (Asawari), Ashutosh Patki(Soham), Ravi Patwardhan(Aajoba) and Tejashree Pradhan(Shubhra). The storyline of the show is unique and has an interesting subject. Shubhra is playing a doting daughter-in-law who stands by Asawari during testing times and forces her to marry Abhijit (Girish).

The daily soap entertains fans with its attractive and crisp content.

Besides Aggabai Sasubai, Girish has appeared in popular daily soaps like Julun Yeti Reshimgathi, Duheri, Avantika, Agnihotra, etc.