Rosogolla to sandesh: customers rush for sweets as stores reopen in Kolkata

You can keep candy away from a Bengali, but you can't keep a Bengali away from candy. After a brief but unexpected breakup, Bengalis reunited with their favorite mishti on Tuesday as some well-known candy chains resumed business, following a green signal from the government. Food app distributors queued at store counters on Day 1 as demand increased online. Within noon and 4pm, the modified business hours for the candy stores, Rosogolla, Doi, Sandesh, Pedal, Kalakand, and Gulab Jamun flew off the shelves.

Welcoming the move, Sudip Mullick, owner of Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick, said: “Thank you to the government and our CM for understanding the plight of candy makers. This decision will save millions of small dairies and tons of milk that were being wasted. We are offering our regular and exclusive sandesh. And not to mention, rosogollas.

Security First

These stores are taking various precautions to ensure high security standards. While masks and disinfectants are a must for staff, clients also receive hand sanitizers. To ensure a safe distance between customers, some stores have also created floor markings, while others ask customers to wait outside the store to make sure there is no contamination.

Inside Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick, Bhowanipore outlet.

Having sweets like peda, kalakand, sandesh and some namkeen items for sale, Gupta Bothers is primarily focused on home delivery via apps to avoid any physical contact or contamination. Owner Muktesh Gupta said: “Our internal staff adheres to all hygiene standards when preparing and handling sweets. In the closing period, we will be mainly delivering sweets, as we do not want customers to enter our stores. If someone visits, you can wait for your order to be delivered outside. This is a step we have taken to avoid any risk of contamination.

At the Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick outlets, hand sanitizers are available over the counter for customers. Rugs have been strategically placed on the floor to ensure that customers are at a safe distance from each other. Most Bengalis have a sweet tooth. Popular stores ensure proper hygiene and we trust them. I am so glad that the candy stores have returned. Now we have something to brighten our mood in the midst of the shutdown, said Punam Gupta, a Bhawanipore resident.

Cautious little shops

However, it is mainly the larger chains that have reopened for now. Many traditional and revered stores in northern Kolkata, including KC Das, Putiram, Jashoda, Girish Chandra, and Nakur Chandra Sweets, are not yet ready to start, for fear of safety and labor issues. We are not thinking about business now. Our main concern is security. We have been advised to stay home and are following it to T. It is difficult to avoid physical contact during transactions and the delivery of sweets, so it is best to reopen once the closing is complete. Also, keeping the store open for only four hours will hardly help our business, said Prajesh Nandy, owner of Girish Chandra and Nakur Chandra Sweets.

Some sweet shops like New Naba Krishna Guin in Bowbazar will remain open although with limited stock. Owner Supravat Dey said: “We will only allow customers to wear masks inside the store. No more than two people will be allowed inside at one point. We have also maintained hand sanitizer for clients. A three foot distance will be maintained between staff and customers. ” Since the majority of its staff has gone home in view of the closure, only three workers are preparing stocks. Ram Bonde, Rosogolla and some types of sandesh are offered.


Precautions taken by confectioneries

1. Candy makers and store staff to wear masks

2. Hands will be disinfected while making or serving candy

3. Hand sanitizers to provide customers.

4. No more than two or three people can enter the store at the same time

5. Floor markings to ensure a safe distance between clients. Sell ​​like hot cakes


1. Rosogolla

2. Tok/mishti doi

3. flat sandesh

4. Peda

5. Kalakand

6. Gulab jamun

7. Samosa (available in some stores after lunch as a snack before they close, the amount of samosas produced will be limited)