Rescue cancer patient walking from AIIMS Delhi to Ajmer

JAIPUR: Vishakha from Pushkar in the Ajmer district, who had gone to Delhi for cancer treatment, was suddenly released from the hospital due to the crown scare. He had no other choice since all modes of travel had been stopped. With no option, the family decided to walk to Ajmer from the national capital, a distance of more than 500 km. This came to the notice of the administration and the Prime Minister immediately ordered the woman's stay and transportation.

Authorities said Vishakha was admitted to AIIMS and was released from the hospital during treatment as the OPD was closed due to the crown outbreak. As there were no vehicles available due to the closure across the country, he went to Pushkar along with his family members on foot.

The matter came to the notice of Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot and he immediately instructed Ajmer and Delhi-based officials to take action.

On instructions from the Prime Minister, Delhi-based Rajasthan Foundation Commissioner Dheeraj Srivastava contacted Vishakha and his family. He organized the rest and meals for his night. After speaking with the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Director of AIIMS, he secured a comprehensive agreement for the treatment of the woman. He ensured additional follow-up treatment in consultation with AIIMS physicians and administration officials.

Dheeraj Srivastava, after speaking with the collector of the Ajmer district, immediately arranged an ambulance and sent medicines to Vishakha in Ajmer organizing medicines, etc. with the cooperation of the State Government. Vishakha is again called to Delhi after two months by AIIMS doctors for further treatment.