Covid-19 outbreak: participants from Nizamuddin congregation stayed in 16 mosques in Delhi, police write to city government

NEW DELHI: Tuesday's special branch wrote to the city government for taking immediate action regarding people, including foreigners, who stayed in 16 mosques in the national capital after participating in a religious congregation that has resulted be a Covid-19 access point, authorities said.

The statement said there were 157 such people: 94 from Indonesia, 13 from Kyrgyzstan, 9 from Bangladesh, 8 from Malaysia, 7 from Algeria and one from Tunisia, Belgium and Italy. The rest are Indian citizens.

He said they would stay in mosques in the southeast, northeast and other districts of the city, police said.

A team from the district administration, the police and the health department are visiting mosques and evacuating foreign nationals and quarantining them. They were part of Markaz and had been moved to several mosques in the national capital to decongest the building, police said. official.

Social distancing would not be possible in those places. It can cause a serious danger to public health and the goal of containing Covid-19, according to the statement.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal He said 24 people who attended the religious congregation in Markaz of Tabligh-e-Jamaat earlier this month tested positive for coronavirus, while 1,548 were evacuated and 441 hospitalized after they showed their symptoms.