Salman Khan is the man with a golden heart and THIS throwback video is proof.

Superstar Salman Khan , who is known as the man with a heart of gold, recently pledged to financially support 25,000 daily salaried workers in the film industry in the wake of the national shutdown, according to the Federation of West Indian Film Employees (FWICE).

The country is witnessing a 21-day blockade, as announced by the prime minister. Narendra Modi , to contain the spread of the virus. The daily blockade severely hits salaried workers through different routes.

According to FWICE President B N Tiwari, Salman, through his Being Human Foundation, contacted his organization to help workers. The Salman Human Being Foundation has come forward to assist daily salaried workers. We have around 5 lakh workers of whom 25,000 need financial aid. The Human Being Foundation said they will take care of these workers on their own. They have asked for account details of these 25,000 workers, as they want to make sure the money reaches them directly, Tiwari told PTI.

Now, in the midst of all this, a retroactive video of Salman is circulating on the Internet, proving that he is a person's gem. The video is of an event where he can be seen talking about charity. In the video, he can be heard saying that instead of giving money to a person, one should give it to doctors, hospitals or finance a child's education. Look the following video: