Dipika Kakar of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum poses for a romantic selfie with her husband Shoaib Ibrahim; both travel in dalgona cafe

Netizens are stumbling over the new 'café dalgona' facade. This trend has taken everyone by storm. Many television celebrities have turned to their social networks to share their version of Dalgona coffee .

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum's Dipika Kakar also shared a picture of two glasses of Dalgona coffee in wine glasses on her Instagram story. She also posed for a romantic selfie with husband Shoaib Ibrahim . They are setting a partner goal for others for sure.

Dipika and Shoaib have been helping each other in all kinds of household chores during this period of confinement. From making sweets for 'niyaaz' (special prayers), cooking, cleaning the house, playing badminton together, the duo are spending quality time with each other in every way possible.

A few days ago, Shoaib also made tea at Dipika's request. They are both tea lovers and drink it even at midnight. On Friday, Shoaib offered prayers at home instead of going to the mosque. He, along with Dipika, urged everyone to stay indoors and stay healthy.