French doctor alleging Covid-19 infection jailed for coughing up police

LILLE: a French doctor Who claimed to have coughed while responding to a call for domestic violence received an effective jail sentence of two years, officials told AFP on Tuesday.

The 66-year-old doctor from a hospital in the northern city of was taken into custody at his home on Saturday, a police source said.

His wife told officers the doctor was on medical leave on suspicion he may have contracted Covid-19.

Arresting officers provided the doctor with a mask and gloves for the car ride to the station, but he took off his mask and coughed in the car, declaring that he had Covid-19 and that they will now catch it, the Lille prosecutor's office said.

He coughed in an exaggerated way as he told the officers that he knew it scared them. In addition to the initial charges of domestic violence, charges of violence against persons exercising public authority were added, police sources said.

The doctor was brought before a court in Lille on Monday, and given a three-year prison sentence - one year of which was suspended.

He was placed in detention after the sentence was passed. The doctor is also prohibited from making contact with his wife.

The officers who were inside the car with the doctor are under medical surveillance.

Last week, a North Ireland The man was charged with attempting to commit serious bodily harm after he also coughed up police officers while claiming to carry the virus while being arrested for domestic assault.

In Belgium Meanwhile, spitting or coughing on a police officer now carries a penalty of up to two years in prison according to an updated list of infractions.

The deed is considered an attack with dangerous substances, authorities said. The penalty has already been applied seven times in the city of Antwerp alone.