This British couple traded onion rings after their wedding was canceled

The whole world has been paralyzed by all this coronavirus situation. Due to this pandemic, the government has announced social distancing and people are choosing various ways to go through this transition. While some people are truly happy and living the best time of their lives during this quarantine period, others find it equally stressful and the worst time. During this #cuarantinephase, many families have gathered and have fun while eating all the meals together.

Social distancing has undoubtedly affected many businesses and lives and has led to situations that no one could have imagined. One of those situations is that of the British couple Adam Woods and Laura Acton, who will get married in England recently. However, due to the imposition of social distancing, the place was closed. Although they were unable to marry the way they had intended, which they had been saving for since 2017, they went ahead and used onions for their marriage.

Wondering how they used onions for their marriage? Well, the couple turned to onion rings as they couldn't get real rings. According to a report, they headed to Liverpool (their honeymoon destination) and were hungry, so they stopped at Burger King. According to Laura, Adam ordered some onion rings and when he got back to the car, he told me to put them on and he said we can still exchange rings, the report said.