Monthly salary cut in Maha, Telangana

MUMBAI/HYDERABAD: Maharashtra has deferred paying part of its salary to its employees, while announcing cuts as a temporary measure given the sharp drop in tax revenue and the stagnation of economic activity due to the 21-day blockade.

Maharashtra's deputy chief minister clarified that wages to be cut this month will be paid in two installments over the coming months. The Prime Minister said: It is not about cutting anyone's salary.

Maharashtra ministers and all MLAs will receive 40% of their salaries by March. Class I and II employees will receive half their wages and Class III 75% of their wages. But class IV employees will receive their full wages.

In Telangana, all ministers and legislators will see a 75% cut in their wages, those in all services in India will get a 60% cut, while all other state government employees will see their cut by 50%.

Class IV staff, subcontracted employees, and contract workers will face a 10% cut in their wages. Government pensioners will get only 50% of their pension. Retired class IV employees will get 90% of their pension amount.