Jumps in crown cases due to lack of community support, says government

NEW DELHI: The Center said Tuesday that the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases was primarily due to lack of support from the broader community in certain areas, along with the delay in reporting cases, even when it responded to the Nizamuddin situation saying that this was not the time to find fault and that the country needed to work together to find a solution.

About 227 new cases and three deaths were reported in the past 24 hours. One death was reported each, and said the joint secretary of the health ministry. India has reported a total of more than 1,250 confirmed cases and 32 deaths so far.

Sharing the case numbers, Agarwal reiterated that full implementation of the blockade and social distancing measures were essential to break the chain of transmission, and urged people to follow the prescribed guidelines and protocols. Even if a person does not comply, we will return to stage zero, he said.

In response to questions about models showing a variety of cases, Agarwal said that none of these took India's decision to enter a 21-day blockade into account. When this was a surprise decision, how can models predict numbers, he asked.

In elaborating the identification of the critical points, the ministry said that any place with even a single case was treated as a critical point because it was an infectious disease. However, when a particular area witnessed a large number of cases, the government's intervention and strategy expanded accordingly. Agarwal was answering questions about how many hot spots were being monitored. He said there could be a delay in reporting numbers, but not much. The ministry's focus was to act quickly to focus on new cases and start looking for contacts, he added.

The government was using conglomerate containment strategies and closely monitoring contacts at these critical points to prevent the virus from spreading, he said. The situation is very dynamic. A success story today can become an entry point tomorrow. Since we are dealing with infectious disease management, a single case can become a critical point, ”said Agarwal.

The ministry maintained that Covid-19 prevention, containment and management were being monitored at the highest level and several actions had been initiated in collaboration with the states.

Meanwhile, a group of ministers headed by a health minister met on Tuesday and reviewed various issues related to the implementation of the blockade, the issue of migrant workers, containment measures at emerging critical points and the guarantee of suitability. of essential elements such as personal protective equipment, masks, fans, etc.